We have discussed the importance of the grip in the golf swing, now we need to turn our attention to how alignment affects the flight of the golf ball. How we stand to the golf ball has a tremendous influence on what kind of spin is imparted to the ball upon contact. When a Tour player, collegiate or elite junior player has a ball flight problem, they invariably will ask me “where am I aimed to”? Most elite players will “play” themselves into a poor alignment position from just playing a lot of tournament golf. Of course, they do not intend for this to occur, it just happens. If a player is aligned poorly, (not standing square to the target line) the resulting swing will cause the club to either cut “across” the ball or move from “in to out”. The result will be side spin in either case. If the player stands “square” to the target line (parallel left) and makes a swing that is “on plane” and relatively square to the target line, the resulting ball flight should be relative straight.
A good “neutral” grip and “proper alignment” will help eliminate unwanted side spin from your golf shots.

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