Instruction Programs

Joy Trotter

Individual Instruction
Each individual lesson begins with an interview that will address the state of your game, whether you have any physical limitation’s that might affect the way you swing and finally, what are your goals you want to achieve for your golf game. We will then take video of your golf swing using our high speed camera’s and then your instructor will recommend swing change’s that will incorporate drills that will allow you to make the necessary changes to make your swing more effective. Your swing will also be measured using the TrackMan Launch Monitor utilizing doppler radar technology to measure the position of the golf club as it goes through the impact area. The TrackMan will also give us important data relating to the golf ball as it leaves the club.

At the end of the lesson, our instructor will review what we did in the lesson, ensuring that you understand your mission. A DVD of the lesson can be created for you to take home with you.

Lessons for New and Intermediate Golfers
Our lessons for new and intermediate golfers are designed to introduce the fundamentals of the golf swing and explain why the ball reacts the way it does when it leaves your club. This will lead to a reduced learning curve and make instruction more fun for the golfer while improving the swing mechanics which will lead to better ball flight that will lead to lower scoring.

Junior Lessons
The GPGA specializes in player development programs for young junior players. George Pinnell has taught 28 AJGA Polo All-American’s, 4 NCAA ALL-American’s. The program provides junior players with the correct fundamentals that will lead them to competitive golf at the local junior level, the prestigious AJGA and finally to collegiate golf. The focus is not only about the golf swing. We focus on what it takes to be successful, honesty, integrity, character and a big heart. This will help the junior player be successful on and off of the golf course.

Playing Lessons
During our playing lessons, our instructor will evaluate your play and give you instruction on course management decisions, shot selection, short game shots, pre-shot routine and swing technique.

Internet Lessons
Many of our students play outside of the Los Angeles area. We want you to have access to our instructors by offering lessons through the internet using the V1 software. Golfers should download the V1 home software from and then send a face-on and a down-the-line- video of their golf swing. The cost for the software is around $50. Golfers will need to contact the academy to get the “V1 Pro Code”, which is necessary to send your video over the internet.

Online Academy
George Pinnell and V1 have joined together to provide students’ of the George Pinnell Golf Academy a new experience by instantly delivering GPGA/V1 video lessons to our students’ computers, Smartphones (iPhones, Blackberry and others) and Facebook pages. The GPGA can transmit all recorded V1 lessons directly to the students’ Smartphones. A simple text message links them directly to their GPGA/ V1 Mobile Lesson where they can view and hear their complete video lesson right on their phone. Sharing their GPGA/V1 Mobile Lessons with friends and family is as easy as forwarding the text message.

The students’ can also access their GPGA/V1 video lesson by clicking here. Input your email address and a password will be generated and sent to you so that you can access your lessons’ on your computer anywhere in the world.

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