Club Fitting

When new golf club’s are introduced to the market at the PGA Merchandise Show in January of each year, player’s are always anxious and excited to find out what is new and how it might “improve” their game. They rush to the local pro shop or golf shop and try out the new model’s, hoping that they will find a new set to purchase. Today, it is more important than ever to take advantage of the technology that is available to properly “fit” a player to his/her swing characteristic’s. The use of a launch monitor can provide you with important data that will validate what shaft and head combination provides the best ball flight for your particular swing. The majority of golfer’s go into the store and pick out whichever club their friend’s are playing or maybe, they will take the “advice” of the salesperson. Both options will not ensure that you are getting what will work for you. MEASUREMENT is the only way to determine what will perform best for each golfer. Every golfer swing characteristic’s will vary, therefore, what works for one person, probably will not work for the next. Remember, salespeople are there to sell you a product. They cannot tell which club will work best for you by merely looking at your size and strength. If you purchase clubs by “look’s” or “feel”, you are probably going to be disappointed in the results. TrackMan is the most advanced measuring device available to measure what the club is doing throughout the swing. Not only does it measure what the club is doing but it will provide all of the ball flight data that you will need to compare which new product will work best for your swing!

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