Putting 101


Putting is the most important part of the game of golf. If you asked anyone who competes at golf for a living, they will tell you if you can putt well, you can play anywhere in the world. There are two aspects to putting that the golfer must conquer. The first is the speed of the putt and the second is the line of the putt. A golfer must ascertain the speed of the green’s of the course he/she is playing on that day. That will give you the pace at which you will have to roll your ball. Many golfers think that the distance a ball will roll, is dependent upon the speed of the putter during the stroke. WRONG!!!! The distance the ball will roll should be determined by the length of the backstroke. The pace of the putter should always be the same for the back stroke and the forward stroke. The change of direction should be very passive and SMOOOOTH! For a short putt, the backstroke will be short, for a long putt the backstroke will be longer. The follow through will be limited. (watch how the tour player’s end their stroke)

If you can get the ball started ON THE LINE YOU HAVE CHOSEN, with the correct speed, you should have a good chance of making the putt. Once you have read the putt, make sure you START THE BALL ON THE LINE YOU HAVE CHOSEN! If you don’t, it will be pure luck that you made the putt, or you read it incorrectly. SPEED IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LINE.

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