The Grip

The grip is one of the most talked about aspects of the golf swing but is also one of the most confusing to the average player. The player must understand that the relationship of the hands to the face of the club is one of the most important aspect as to what determines a shot that flies straight with true “backspin”, or a shot that flies to the left or right with “sidespin”. If the hands are placed in a “neutral” position, showing only two knuckles of the left hand and the right hand is placed “softly” on the grip as in shaking hands with the grip, you will likely have a more “neutral” grip. When released the clubface should return to the ball in a square position.
If you see more than two knuckles on your left hand and the right hand is “turned” more under the club, you will have a “strong” grip, that will produce a closed face at impact depending on how you release the club.
If you see only one knuckle on your left hand, and your right hand is turned more to the left, or on top of the club, you will have a “weak” grip that will open the face when released at impact.
A neutral grip will allow the player to “release the club to a square position” without manipulation or compensation. Remember, the less motion or movement you have in your golf swing, the more productive it will be!

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