The “Release”


The “release” of the golf club at impact is misunderstood by many in the golfing community. The term “release” refers to the un-cocking of the wrist as the club head approaches the golf ball. Where the misunderstanding takes place, is what is supposed to happen with the hands when the club is delivered to the ball and immediately after impact. Conventional thinking is that the hands are to “flip” over to square the club at impact. That is exactly what tour player’s try NOT to do! The advanced players know that the key to straight shots are to keep the hands “quiet” through the impact area and that the body should “square” the club as much as possible. The “flip” of the hands should only be used as “error correction” if the player feels he/she will be late in squaring the club during the downswing, therefore incorporating a “flip” of the hands to try and correct the error in timing of the release. I like to think of the hand’s “releasing the club TO impact. The back of the left wrist should be flat with NO breakdown as the club compresses the ball. The clubface position should remain relatively square to your sternum into the follow-through.

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