What cause a draw or hook?

What cause a draw or hook? Again, conventional thinking is that a hook or draw is an “inside/out” path with a “closed” face. TrackMan demonstrates that the club is actually “open” at impact! The face of the club, relative to the path has a terrific influence over ball flight. As in the slice, or any shot, for that matter, the face accounts for 85% of ball direction and the path accounts for 15%. In the case of a slight draw, the path would be inside maybe, 2.5 degree’s, mandating that the face would have to be open nearly 0.8-1.5 degree’s to make a draw, with the ball starting to the right and curving back to the center. If the club face is perfectly square, 0.0 at impact, with a 2.5 path, the resulting ball flight would be a large “pull-hook”. In the above example if the clubface were open excessively to the path the resulting ball flight would be a “push”. The arrival of TrackMan to the George Pinnell Golf Academy is a welcome addition and will help our students understand their ball flight as caused by the face ant path of their club at impact.

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