Jay Choi Return’s To U.S. For R & R

Jay Choi of Wildomere, Ca., has returned to the U.S. for a little rest and recuperation after spending the last half of 2009 and the majority of 2010 competing on the Japanese PGA Tour (Japan Golf Tour Organization). Jay was happy to get back home where he can catch up on happening’s with his family and friend’s. Jay’s stay will be shorter than he would like, because he will have to get back to Japan to prepare for the Japan PGA Championship Nissan Cup noodle Cup to be contested May 13-16 at Passage Kinkai Island Golf Club, Nagasaki, Japan.

Jay is enjoying living and playing in Japan, where he is ranked 17th on the money list after 4 event’s. Jay’s scoring average is 71.01 (Ranking T34), Putting average 1.8264 (66), GIR. 67.22 (12), Driving Distance 291.17 (5), Driving Accuracy 47.86% (T117), Sand Save’s 55% (29).

Jay recently spent a day with his coach George Pinnell, testing 7 driver’s to determine which one would produce the desired launch angle’s, spin rate’s, landing angle and distance to improve Jay’s driving accuracy. Pinnell use’s TrackMan to determine the ball flight characteristics and to measure what Jay’s club is doing through impact to get the best result’s possible. The course’s that are played on the Japan Tour are quite narrow and very hilly and demand that the player is accurate with the driver and approach shot’s. Jay said “even though a course is listed at 6500 yard’s like the one where Ishikawa shot 58 recently, the course’s play like 6800-6900 yards because of the hilly terrain.”

Jay’s immediate goal is to maintain or improve his position on the money list and to qualify for the British Open through a process provided to player’s who are using Mizuno equipment. Jay is using MP 37 iron’s manufactured by Mizuno.

Those who are interested can follow Jay at www.jgto.org. You can use Google Translate or click on the English version to follow live scoring. You can also find out more information at www.geogalaxygolf.com one of Jay’s sponsor’s.

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