Breann Fox A Winner in Disqualification

Breann Fox, a 13 year old, 4′ 8′, 78 lb. player from Chino Hill’s made her family and coach proud by her action’s following an SCPGA Junior golf tournament at Simi Hills Golf Course in Simi Hill’s, California.

Breann had played a career best round with a score of 75 in a competitive tournament. After signing her score card at the scoring table, Breann was explaining her best round ever to her mother, who had also kept Breann’s score on a separate scorecard. When Breann began to explain her score on one hole, Breann’s mother said, “are you sure, I think you made another stroke on that hole?” Breann quickly said, “oh but I had a birdie to—–“. She quickly stopped in mid sentence and told her mother she had to go to the restroom. Her mother noticed that Breann’s face had turned “white” as she hurried to the restroom. After several minute’s, Breann returned and told her mother, “I have to go see Rob, at the scoring table”. She proceeded to the scoring table where she informed the tournament director that she was disqualifying herself from the tournament and that the runner-up, Tiffany Kuroki should be named the winner.

You see, Breann and the player who was keeping her score had made a mistake in marking the score for Breann on the hole in question. Breann did not catch the mistake until the conversation with her mother AFTER she signed her scorecard. Breann knew immediately that she had to report the mistake and at the same time ask the tournament director to DQ her. REMEMBER, this is a young girl who just won with her best round ever in a tournament, and within 15 minute’s of the victory, had the integrity to report the mistake that would take a career round and victory and turn it into a disqualification!

Breann integrity is a tribute to her strong love of the game and the sense of honesty that her mother has instilled in Breann and her older brother Bradley. Breann said, “I did not sleep very well on Saturday night, but I know I did the right thing”. Her coach George Pinnell, said “amen.”

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