Ricky Cen -1 Win’s LA County Championship At Whittier Narrow’s

Ricky Cen the 10 year old player from Monterrey Park, CA., shot a 34 (-1) at the LA County Championship at Whittier Narrow’s in Rosemead, CA. Ricky had 3 birdie’s and 2 bogie’s in his victory. Ricky’s short game play was the key to his win. The talented young player needed only 10 putt’s in the 9 hole event and had 8 ONE PUTT’S! The key to that stat, according to Ricky’s coach, George Pinnell, “is that his chipping and pitching was outstanding and he was getting the ball close to the hole for an easy one putt.” Ricky recently had a chipping and pitching lesson that completely changed his idea of what club he would use under different situation’s that would get the ball closer to the hole.

As always, the short game and putting is the key to good play at any level. Ask Ricky Cen.

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