Heatstroke Symptom’s Force’s Choi To Shut It Down

Jay Choi, ranked 20th on the 2011 Money List on the Japan Golf Tour was forced to withdraw on the first hole of the second round of the Kansai Open Golf Championship being played at Ono Golf Club, Hyogo, Japan.

Jay told his coach George Pinnell that he felt the symptom’s in the first round where he finished with a 2 over par score. Jay said, “I drank water but I did not have much nourishment in the way of food. The combination of heat and a lack of nourishment caused my body to shut down.” Jay went on to say, “I was up all night vomiting and did not feel well in my warm up but I tried to start anyway. After finishing the first hole, I knew it was best for me to withdraw.”

Jay wanted Coach to make sure he talk’s with his junior player’s about the importance of staying hydrated (drink plenty of water) and nourishing the body during competition. It is important to eat properly and drink water at all time’s and especially in hot, humid conditions.

Jay will make his next start at next week’s Vana H Cup KBC Augusta 2011 at the Keya Golf Club, Fukuoka, Japan.

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