Lexi Thompson On ESPN’S Sport Science

Lexi Thompson, the newest and youngest member of the LPGA Tour is featured in an addition of the television show, “Sport Science” by ESPN. Lexi became the youngest player ever, to win on the LPGA Tour. Shortly after her initial victory, she was asked to appear on “Sport Science” to help define the difference between today’s technology in equipment design (clubs and balls) vs. equipment from the 1970’s.

George Pinnell owner of the George Pinnell Golf Academy, was asked by Base Production, Burbank, CA., to participate in analyzing the difference between today’s technology and that of yesteryear. Pinnell used his TrackMan system as Lexi used her talented swing with the “old” and “new” equipment to determine what, if any, difference’s there is in performance between today’s clubs and balls vs. those of the 1070’s.

Pinnell use’s the outstanding technology of the TrackMan in his every day teaching at the George Pinnell Golf Academy in Rowland Heights, CA. Pinnell worked with Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson on another segment of “Sports Science,” last summer.

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