GPGA / V1 Join To Give Lesson’s A Digital Life

George Pinnell and V1 have joined together to provide students’ of the George Pinnell Golf Academy a new experience by instantly delivering GPGA/V1 video lessons to our students’ computers, Smartphones (iPhones, Blackberry and others) and Facebook pages. The GPGA can transmit all recorded V1 lessons directly to the students’ Smartphones. A simple text message links them directly to their GPGA/ V1 Mobile Lesson where they can view and hear their complete video lesson right on their phone. Sharing their GPGA/V1 Mobile Lessons with friends and family is as easy as forwarding the text message.

The students’ can also access their GPGA/V1 video lesson by clicking here. Input your email address and a password will be generated and sent to you so that you can access your lessons’ on your computer anywhere in the world.

Golf Web Design was instrumental in combining the GPGA and V1 offering into this unique experience.

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