Improved Stat’s Move’s Jay Choi To 5th On Japan Golf Tour Money List

Detail’s are critical when measuring success in the game of golf. Jay Choi, prior to the 2012 season, realized that for him to improve his standing and performance on the Japan Golf Tour, he would need to improve his statistical performance from 2011.

So in the off season prior to 2012, Jay developed a plan for improving his statistics an his home course, Bear Creek Golf Club. Of primary concern was his putting performance in 2011. Jay has always been a feel putter so when his coach, George Pinnell, suggested he look at his putting stroke on the Sam PuttLab, Jay in the past, would always change the subject. The talented player decided in this year’s off season it made sense to see what his putter was doing during the putting stroke so he reluctantly consented.

This decision by Jay seemed to be the catalyst to improve not only his putting stroke but his short game in general. It is well known that to play well, a player must have a good short game combined with an accurate, reliable putting stroke. The Sam PuttLab defined what Jay was doing in his stroke and it alerted him and Pinnell that a change was needed. So with the detailed information the Sam PuttLab generated, Jay was able to adjust and make a more repeatable, reliable putting stroke that reduced his putting average in 2011 (1.8045 per GIR) (61) to (1.7886 per GIR) in 2012 and improve his ranking to 40th.

The improved putting stroke lead to a dramatic improvement in Jay’s up and down (scrambling %). In 2011 he was 78th on tour with a scrambling percentage of 56.29%. In 2012, he is ranked 10th in scrambling with a 66.67%!!!

Other statistics:

Stats 2012 2011
Scoring 71.13 (31) 71.59 (47)
Putting 1.7886 per GIR (40) 1.8045 per GIR (61)
Par or Better 85.32% (17) 80.84 (71)
Scrambling 66.67% (10) 56.29% (78)
Money List $366,700.00 USD $104,337.00 USD

The old adage, “Drive for show and Putt for dough” is again demonstrated in Jay Choi’s performance. Look for more on Jay at or at

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