Pinnell Attend’s TrackMan Users Conference

TrackMan Golf held their first ever West Coast Users Conference at the Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix, AZ 85042, over the week-end. George Pinnell, has attended prior conference’s in Florida. The purpose of the conference was to collect as many TrackMan owner’s as possible to attend the conference and share their experiences as well as learn from the outstanding collection of guest speaker’s.

Guest speaker’s included Mark Timms, founder and CEO of Cool Clubs, Alex Rocha and his coach Jason Birnbaum. Alex is a PGA Tour/ player. Former PGA Tour Player, Grant Waite was a guest speaker along with his partner Joe Mayo. Grant shared not only his experience with TrackMan but also included some great stories from the PGA Tour. Grant was fortunate to be able to play in the era of Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Tom Watson, Greg Norman and up to the era of Tiger Woods.

Jon Sinclair shared his expertise using TrackMan with the short game. Considerable time was spent on getting the correct bounce for different player’s so they would not “dig” upon impact. Scott Sackett gave a live lesson using TrackMan that was both entertaining and instructional.

Grant talked about how TrackMan is changing how we teach and how it will help improve more people’s play as more become aware of this fantastic tool. Alex demonstrated how he can flight the ball the exact same distance but with different trajectories. Normal, high and lower. Of course, he was able to measure the various height’s, launch angle’s and carry distance’s by using the TrackMan. Alex demonstrated his ability to shape shot’s by positioning the handle of the club in certain position’s to attain the desired trajectory and the same distance that his “stock” shot would carry. Most interesting.

Alex and Grant emphasized that the straight shot is almost impossible to hit with the longer iron’s. Both suggested that no one on tour hit’s the ball straight with the mid and longer club’s. Straight shot’s can be executed with the scoring club’s because of the increased loft.

The TrackMan staff of Matt Frelich and Justin Padjen introduced a new version of the software, Version 3.0. It will have a new look and will include club delivery graphics along with the data. TrackMan is located in Denmark and the company is super progressive and is definitely the leader in the launch monitor arena. Used by the USGA, R&A, over 100 tour players and every major club manufacturer speaks well of the product.

Pinnell has used TrackMan at the George Pinnell Golf Academy since 2008.

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