GPGA Players Top World TrackMan Combine Leader Board

January 29, 2014 Michelle Thompson, Katherine Muzi and Crystal Wang were one, two and three in the TrackMan World Combine, a skills test that measure’s a player’s ability to control distance and direction over a wide range of distance’s.
Michelle, a freshman at California State University, Fullerton, scored an 80.2, while 13 year old Katherine Muzi scored 80 and 13 year old Crystal Wang scored 77.2.  The trio led all women in the world who took the TrackMan Combine that were amateurs or professionals (all age groups) for the month of January, 2014.
Professional, Joy Trotter, long time student of George Pinnell, was 11th for 2013 and 14th in the “ever” category (Since the inception of the Combine).  Michelle Thompson is ranked 42 in the “Ever” category for women.
Jay Choi, Japan Golf Tour standout, posted an official 87.9 and an unofficial 91.1 to rank in the top of the “All” category.  Steven Tiley, United Kingdom, has the highest score ever with a 92.1 score.
It should be noted, that as I was writing this update, Yan Jing, People’s Republic of China posted an outstanding 84 to take over first place while Chirapat Jao-Javanil of Thailand, posted 83.3 to take second place.  Those score’s moved Michelle, Katherine and Crystal to 3, 4 and 5 in the world ranking’s.
Congratulation’s to the player’s who are making their mark in the wonderful world of golf and the difficult TrackMan Combine.  To find out more about the Combine, contact George Pinnell.

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