Junior Schedules Are Busy!

Mitsy Duarte, 8, qualified for the Junior World Tournament (Girls 9-10) by shooting a +6 42. Esther Lee also shot a 42 but lost out on qualifying because of the possibility of a scoring error by one of the qualifiers. The error was not caught until the scoring was closed so there was nothing the SCPGA could do because parent’s did not find out about the error until they went home and saw the results and hole scores of the card in question. This is a good lesson for the player’s to become more aware of the score’s being posted after each hole. It is the player’s responsibility to get the score correct. In the event of an error, it is important for the scorer to discuss the error in question and correct the mistake. If a solution cannot be agreed to, the scorer should refuse to sign an incorrect scorecard. This is important issue, especially as young player’s are learning to play the game and learn the importance of correct score keeping.

Sebastian Vallejo, qualified in the Boys 11-12 division, by scoring a -1, 69 at the Alhambra Golf Course.

At the Prodigy Golfer Championship @ Dad Miller, Matthew Huo finished in 4th place with a +4, 76. Aaron Chang shot 88 and finished in 14th place in the Boys 14-15 division.

Sherilyn Villanueva finished in tie for 3rd with a 76 in the Girls 12-14 while Leeyen Peralta shot 82 and finished in 12th place. Mylan Hirata shot 85 and finished in a tie for 15th.

At San Dimas, Aaron Chang rebounded with an 83 to finish in 6th place in the Boys 14-15 division.

At Willowick, Sebastian Vallejo shot 77 and finished in a tie for 5th place in the Boys 12-13 division. Jomar Veloso shot 99 and finished in 15th place. Sherilyn Villanueva tied for 1st place with a 77 in the Girls 12-14 while Leeyen Peralta shot 85 and finished tied for 10th place. Peralta is coming back from a layoff to determine if golf is something that she really wants to do. Mylan Hirata, shot 94 and finished in 14th place.

In JDL action, Ryan Toh, shot 45 and finished 21st in the Garb JDL Summer @ Newport Beach.

Elizabeth Wang is in Nashville, TN, attempting to make a sweep in this year’s Girls Rolex Championship (she won in Rochester, NY) and the Rolex Tournament of Champions. Elizabeth is currently ranked 13th in the country.

Felicia Chang and Andrea Han are in Clemmons, North Carolina, competing in the Junior All-Star at Tanglewood.

You can watch live scoring at www.ajga.org. Click on Live Scoring to select the event you want to monitor.

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