12 yr Old Rose Zhang Win’s First AJGA Event Entered

Rose Zhang, a 12 year old from Irvine, California, stormed to a 6 shot victory in her very first AJGA National tournament she entered. Rose shot 72-73 (145) to win by 6 shot’s over Jacqueline Ha, San Ramon, California. The AJGA Preview at River Ridge, was contested at the River Ridge Golf Club in Oxnard, California.


Rose was super thrilled about her first win on the AJGA Tour. Rose won her first Toyota Tour Cup event earlier this year and the win yesterday was a culmination of the hard work and desire she has instilled into her game. Rose has won at every level she has played, at a young age. The challenge will be for her to continue this level of play as she move’s into more AJGA event’s and the USGA event’s. Her coach, George Pinnell, has said, “Rose has the intangible ‘it’ factor, that cannot be explained. Her success is based on her ability to make a score in tournament condition’s, even though she may not be playing with her A game. This is a trait that all great player’s have had in their career’s.”

Rose told Pinnell, “My shot’s were pure and my putting was just ok. She said she need’s to work on her short putt’s because she 360’ed 3, three footer’s. I am excited to get my first AJGA Tournament win, though.”

Pinnell went on to say, “Rose is a great blue print of how one can become successful in any sport. Rose is committed to her academic education and her work ethic is impeccable. No one will out work, her.”

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